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 Who’s the primary contact for this project? Please include name, email, and phone.: Christel LeBrun
+852 5332 5298

Do you have an ideal date for website launch? Are there outside considerations that might affect the timeline (e.g. product launches, studio openings)?: asap

Please tell us about the range of work you do, the products you sell, the services you offer, or the content you create. : Meditation equipment

Describe the ideal visitor to your website. Consumers or other businesses? Fashion-forward or more conservative? High-end or budget? Local to you or far-flung? Young or old?: Local and international - we hope to expand to NZ, Australia and south east asia - possibly the USA

When your ideal visitor arrives, what frame of mind are they in? Seeking information? Ready to purchase?: Ready to purchase as there is no supplier of this product currently in HK

If your ideal visitor stopped by your website, what would you want them to do before they left? Contact you? Book an appointment? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter?: Contact us and/or make a purchase

Which social media channels (if any) do you think your ideal visitor spends time on? Are you already interacting with them in a marketing capacity?: Not sure, need your advise - but probably every social media imaginable.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you ever write about your industry?: Yes, sort off, i am also a mindfulness teacher and counsellor so have experience in the equipment.

Give us the lay of the land. Tell us about your industry and how you fit into it. Newcomer or established? Local, regional, or national? Artisanal or mass market?: It is a wide market worldwide but no local supplier in HK. And the product, from what we see is overpriced in other markets.

What brands and/or individuals do you consider competition?:

What brands and/or individuals would you consider to be design inspiration?: not sure, we need a concept that his hip and fresh and appealing to meditators

What makes you or your business unique/appealing/competitive?: Price, location and availability

Do you already have an existing website or domain?: Yes,

Will anyone else, such as partners or employees, need administrative access to the website?: Yes, me and my partner

Will you be able to provide assets for your website? This would include: all copy (bios, headlines, products, about pages, etc.), images, and a logo or other branding.: We will need to take photos of the product as we custom order

Anything else you would like to tell us about this project?: We just need help to get the right look, modern, fresh and appealing. Our thoughts are too dated i think

Web Design Proposal For Arrived Mindful
15 April 2019

Problem Statement

Arrived Mindful is a Hong Kong based meditation accessory supplier offering customizable meditation products to small and large customers and organizations. Arrived Mindful’s website is lacking of an up-to-date good-looking, functional design that can better represent the company and its product offering. Arrived Mindful is looking for a complete redesign of their current website to clearly communicate what makes the brand unique to their website visitors who come to the website with a goal of seeking more information about Arrived Mindful or making a purchase.

Proposed Solution


Your company needs a website that is elegant, fresh and hip - a website that resonates with your potential and current customers that clearly shows that you are a leader in the meditation equipment market in Hong Kong. While maintaining a coherent message that Arrived Mindful is a meditation accessory supplier that offers expertise and innovative design to clients locally and internationally, the new website should easily support the expansion of product range as well as selling globally. It should stand out from your competitors with professional design, no matter what devices your customers are using. To show how Arrived Mindful differentiates itself by its expertise and a unique competitive advantage, a clear website that leaves a strong impression, provides an excellent user experience and converts visits into sales is necessary. The new website will combine modern design elements such as:
- eye-catching page design with consistent brand image throughout the site
- stylish typography
- bolder imagery configured to fit the viewer's screen
- well-organized navigation structure
- enhanced user interface and experience
- captivating page flow



To effectively communicate what makes Arrived Mindful unique and to give the website visitors a good understanding of Arrived Mindful's range of product offering, a development of a completely original site built from the ground up is needed. A strong emphasis will be placed on web design and content that leaves the visitors and potential clients with a message that Arrived Mindful is a meditation equipment supplier that:

- is committed to good design and product value
- is international in the spirit of its designs, superior quality, and quantity fulfillment
- promotes and helps bring peace and mindfulness to people
- offers full customization of all products, which also meet British Standard (BS) quality and fire standards



Your new website will be built on Squarespace, an all-in-one platform that gives you everything you need to make your business website stand out and support the growth of your online business. Squarespace was designed with the do-it-yourself user in mind, making it easy for you to maintain, update, and monitor your online store on your own. This best-in-class platform is beautifully and thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting-edge UI/UX best practices. There is never any need to update software, plugins, or widgets; patch security vulnerabilities; or worry that changing one component might break something else. As mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic, it’s critical that your new website performs across any device and screen size. A unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website will ensure your content will look great on every device, every time. Your new website will also come equipped with all the elements needed for a strong SEO strategy so that search engines like Google can understand and rank you website properly. From my experience with building websites on other platforms, Squarespace is the only one that takes away a lot of headaches that come with other platforms as none of them are built as an all-in-one platform that bring all of the functions your business is going to need in one place. Thanks to all of this, you and your partner will be able to easily make changes and have more control over the entire site without needing to hire a developer. These are the benefits you will gain with the new CMS:

- ability to maintain and update your website on your own
- managing the website is a matter of dragging-and-dropping, pulling on corners to resize images, and WYSIWYG editing
- list products with multiple variants and SKUs
- easy to merchandise, organize, and manage your products with tags, categories, and a drag-and-drop sorting tool
- single-page checkout is mobile-optimized, making it easy for customers to buy on all devices
- secure checkout - 128-bit SSL encryption makes sure the connection between your customer's browser and your website is secure
- customer relationship management
- send shipment notifications, handle refunds, update stock levels, and fulfill orders of all sizes, on-the-go via a mobile app
- there is never any need to update software, plugins, or widgets, patch security vulnerabilities
- responsive design matches the overall style of the website and makes it look great on every device
- easily managed built-in search engine optimization (SEO)
- traffic and commerce analytics
- 24/7 award-winning customer care support with deep Squarespace knowledge is ready to help whenever you need it

Squarespace charges USD 312 ($26/month) per year for hosting your website, online store management, security protection, system maintenance and 24/7 customer support. But because I am a long time Squarespace designer, I am able to pass a 20% discount onto you on your 1st year of your hosting subscription, which means your monthly fee will be lowered to $21/month.


Create custom website HKD 16,000
with a built-in online store HKD 7,500

Total Cost HKD 23,500

The site will include the following pages:

  • Homepage

  • About

  • Product Catalog

  • Product Pages

    • 10 product pages with easy and unlimited creation of new ones

  • Blog page

  • Contact

  • Checkout Page

Next Steps and Project Timeline

  • Step 1

    • Deposit to start the project (HKD 11,750)

    • Asset collection (upload of all materials from Arrived Mindful)

  • Step 2 (10-14 days)

    • Architecture setup and styling (2 look and feel mockup versions to choose from)

  • Step 3 (1 week)

    • Layout and content (laying out and adding finalized content to each page)

  • Step 4 (2-4 days)

    • Finishing touches

  • Step 5

    • Final payment (HKD 11,750)

    • Transfer website ownership and launch

Written email agreement to the Web Design Proposal and adding Administrator privileges to your website binds this Client Agreement.

Architecture Setup & Styling

I have created two different web designs for your company website. The images used are only for illustration purposes. We can find different ones and change them or you can keep them (they are all free to be used). Products and their information is for illustration as well. I will update them with the right images and information in the next Step 3.

To see the mockups, please click on the images below and use the password am.

Arrived Mindful A.jpeg


This design is more of a classic layout used in web design. The featured products (Our Bestsellers) are added automatically so it’s really easy to update them and change them. The typography (font) used is mostly the one you used for you logo “Poppins”.

Arrived Mindful B.jpeg


This second mockup is more modern, minimalistic kind of layout that spotlights your products and uses elegant typography. However the featured products are not generated automatically and need to be manually updated to change them. It’s easy to learn though.


Now that you’ve seen your mockups, let’s choose the one you like.

Which mockup would you like to choose for your new website? *
I will try and see if they can be incorporated in the mockup or find the best way possible.
"Stay In Touch" section is a classic newsletter subscription feature where you can collect potential customers' email addresses to send them emails about your new products, promotions and other company information. Would you like to keep this section built into your new website? *
You may choose to keep these addresses and use them in the future for email marketing (newsletter). Squarespace has an email campaign service built into the system and you may opt to add this service later as your business grows.
Your text will replace Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
"Blog" page is filled with dummy blog (news) articles for your illustration purposes. Would you like to keep this "Blog" page? *
Dummy articles will be removed when the site is launched.
Type "remove" if you don't want to keep this page.
Type "remove" if you don't want to keep this page.
Type "remove" if you don't want to keep this page.